Ultra Performance


0 to 100 Kph in 2.6 seconds and 1:1 power to weight. Yes, that’s insane!

In an open car this extreme acceleration is like nothing else and the adrenaline you feel is an intoxicating experience.

The Quantum is equally at home on the roads thanks to the i-Vtec custom configuration and the refined position displacement suspension. Our aluminium and carbon chassis delivers exceptional mechanical grip allowing the GP700 to pull 1.9G’s in slow speed corners and maintain its friendly drive-ability from low through to ultra high speeds.

 For the driver or passenger, experiencing the Quantum GP700 acceleration is a life changing experience.

Every lap, every highway cruise, and every cafe run
is filled with passion.


The epitome of motoring harmony, inside and out

From the aerodynamic bodywork to the pure driver centric interior, the GP 700 was designed for pure drivability and streamlined functionality

Design section

A pure Interior that connects driver and vehicle

  • The interior of the GP700 is everything we believe a race car interior should be, simple, efficient, and pure, allowing you to focus on the drive.

    Our custom carbon seats and inertia reel seatbelts cosset you as you grip the GP700s custom carbon fibre steering wheel ready to unleash 700 BHP. The Motec C1 dash provides you with all the relevant information on your car and can be individually programmed based on your specifications. Aside from real time display, the sophisticated computer forms an integral part of the GP700’s predictive traction control system, sampling data and making seamless computations to help you push the car further and further.

    For track work a 6 point harness is available to cradle you against the G force exerted by the cars extreme acceleration and cornering.

  • Sitting in the GP700 gives you a feeling of total control and comfort, giving you the confidence to push yourself a little bit further, every lap, passionately pursuing your perfect lap time.


A bold exterior that breaks the mould

  • The exterior of the GP700 is the culmination of years of computer simulations and on track analytics. As a result every curve, in-take, and panel is designed to give the GP700 unparalleled handling when you’re overtaking on the track and comfortable drivability when you’re cruising on the road.

    The outer body works as one with the cooling systems of the car, channeling air into the primary intake and side pods to feed the engine. At full power the GP700 engine requires 28,000 litres of air a minute, about as much as a person will breath in over 2 days.

    The GP700’s bodywork has been designed with a rising form that pushes air over the cockpit to encapsulate both driver and passenger in static air. The open cockpit and wind mitigating body design provide superior visibility and comfort to the driver ensuring a smooth experience even when faced with 300 KM/H winds.

  • The car’s exposed wheels and adjustable front racing wing make it a beautiful sight to behold and a 100mm ride height make it an effective road car. Part Formula One car, part custom sports car, every aspect of the GP700 exudes power and performance.



A smart car that works with your driving style

  • Predictive Traction Control

    Immense power must be unleashed with control.
    700BHP in a rear wheel drive car, which weighs only 700KG is normally a traditionally a recipe for over steer, tail slides, spins, and tire smoke. The Quantum GP700 however uses our specially developed Predictive Traction Control (PTC) system to ensure the maximum possible power is transferred to the road in a way that keeps you in total control. Quantum’s smart traction system can anticipate and be adjusted to react to your driving style. By monitoring the car sensors and through constant calculations the PTC system gives you a higher level of control than most cars.

  • For those that just want to drive, the Quantum GP700 is an easy vehicle to get in and go. However, many drivers want a higher level of customisation, so we give our drivers full control over their Quantum’s settings. Drivers can adjust the vehicles power from 300 – 700 HP as well as control he amount of traction generated, from straight as an arrow to full out drift mode. We are currently developing an App that allows drivers to monitor the performance of their car as well as adjust settings and fine tune the vehicles performance.

  • Imminent Gear System

    The Hollinger Engineering transmission developed specially for Quantum allows the GP700 to upshift in 0.02 seconds. Both up and down shifting can be placed in automatic, keeping the car in the power band and letting the driver focus on the perfect line. On the road the GP700 does away with power shifts and throttle blipping, replacing it with something more traditional and raw, a clutch pedal.


Custom Tuned for a breathtaking 700 bhp


At the heart of the Quantum GP700 is a 700BHP version of our custom built, twin supercharged 2.7 litre, 4 cylinder engine. To achieve the GP700’s level of ultra performance extensive modifications to the engine were required.

Unlike the majority of forced injection engines, our twin superchargers run in series. This provides much higher pressure than a regular supercharger without the lag of a turbo charger, resulting in a smoother and more powerful boost. At peak power the GP700 engine uses 6 litres of fuel a minute and requires two fuel injectors per cylinder as well as two intercoolers, multiple radiators and oil coolers to ensure the engine always stays at optimum temperature.

The immense power of the GP700 is administered by the engine management and traction control systems, which provides optimum power at full throttle as well as reduced noise and fuel consumption during normal road use.

curves and intakes working as one

Much like a fighter jet, the GP700’s exterior body is a culmination of science and meticulous analysis. The car’s sleek body, dual element front wing, and under floor diffuser work in unison to generate over 12,000 N of down force at 280 KM/H keeping the GP700 firmly on the track. Due to it’s efficient body design and diffuser set up the car sticks to the road with higher down force yet no increased drag.

Both the front and rear wings are adjustable which allow the Quantum GP700 to be tuned to your preferences, ensuring the perfect drive on any circuit.



a Powerful backbone for superior stability

The chassis and suspension form the backbone of every car’s performance. The GP700 sports a tubular chassis design engineered from aerospace grade aluminium, carbon fibre and Kevlar fibres. Light weight yet firm, the chassis provides fantastic stability at high speeds and excellent drivability at low speed. Along with the on board computer and ability to track the cars performance, drivers have can adjust the car to reflect track conditions and improve their cornering technique, shaving off those precious seconds of their lap time.

a mechanical system adapted for supreme drivability

The GP700 is fitted with a custom independent push rod actuated suspension with front anti-roll bars. Each Quantum GP700 has its suspension individually tuned to it’s owners liking and is valved for optimum performance. The GP700’s unique suspension system gives the car phenomenal grip at high and low speeds, allowing it to corner at over 1.9G’s even at medium speeds of 130 KM/H. Our Position Displacement Suspension (PDS) system creates a new level of predictable and consistent grip, adding a higher purity to the GP700 experience.


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Quantum 2.2L, 4 cylinder, Harrop TVS 2300 supercharged

700BHP @ 9100 RPM

575 NM @ 6500 RPM

Max Speed

0 – 100

0 – 160

320 KM/H







700 KG

4125 mm

1740 mm

1300 mm


Holinger 6-Speed, Sequential, Pneumatic Box with Paddle Shift



Driver Adjustable Dual Braking System

Driver Adjustable Dual Braking System



Pushrod Actuated, Inboard Rocker Arm, Cockpit Adjustable Anti-Sway Bar

Pushrod Actuated, Inboard Rocker Arm



Yokohama R-Spec

Yokohama R-Spec


Engine & Traction Management

Motec C187 User Programmable

Quantum Custom System

“The GP700 was designed with pure drivability and functionality in mind, from the aerodynamic body work to the pure driver centric interior.”



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